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The name says it all:- it's a web site by buskers for buskers about busking and street entertainment in Bath, with contributions from many of Bath's local buskers. Please note that this is not the official website of Bath buskers - such a thing would be a contradiction in our view. It is a website by some buskers in Bath.

If you busk in Bath (or elsewhere) and would like to contribute to the site you are very welcome - you can email the site via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We try to be inclusive, although if you would prefer to remain enigmatic, as some people do, then that's fine. However, even if you're not a busker - perhaps a local resident or maybe a visitor to our city - we hope that you will find plenty in these pages to inform and entertain.

You'll find these pages packed full of useful info about busking, and the answers that you always wanted to know to the questions you never dared to ask, such as: how do I get a pitch? Is busking legal? Do I need a license to busk in Bath? Should I give money to buskers?


Frequently Asked Questions

Violin and Cello

Some of the frequently asked questions about busking are:-

  1. Should I give money to buskers? Note this link DOES work the answer is just below you.
  2. Do I need a licence to busk in Bath?
  3. Will busking bring me fame, fortune and success with the gender of my choice?
  4. What really annoys buskers?
  5. Bath - where is it anyway?
  6. How do I get a pitch in Bath?
  7. Is amplification really against the rules?

orange clef Should I give money to buskers?

Yes of course you should, if you like what they are doing. People sometimes think that because busking is fun, there is no need to pay buskers for doing it. However plenty of people in other occupations enjoy their work and still expect to be paid for doing it.

And busking is work. It can take years of practice to become a good musician or street perfomer. If they can't make money out of it, the most talented will look for other ways of making money, and only the really bad buskers will remain. If you want to see good quality street entertainment, show your appreciation by giving what you can. Buskers are not allowed to ask for money.

Remember buskers are not paid by the council or any other organisation. They rely on your generosity. And it is appreciated.

orange clef Do I need a licence to busk in Bath?

There is no licensing system in Bath. The council gives general permission to performers to busk in Bath, provided they follow the Code of Practice which is echoed in The Bath Buskers Guide. In 2015 because of the changing of long established rules by a particular gang of buskers, a draft permit system has been proposed for disscusion. 


orange clef Will busking bring me fame, fortune and success with the gender of my choice?

Absolutely not.

(Added comment by current administrator - well, generally not but who knows? There are a couple of guitarists who started on the streets of Bath and are rising rapidly! Never say never) 

orange clefWhat really annoys buskers?

Almost everything actually, but some of the main things are:-

  1. People who sit and listen for half an hour then walk off without paying.
  2. Groups of noisy schoolchildren.
  3. Other buskers who set up too close - it's pointless and irritating.

orange clef Bath - where is it anyway?

It's in the South West of England, quite near to Bristol, although we hardly ever go there.

Bath is quite easy to get to from London, just drive along the M4, although I like to get off the motorway around Reading, and take the A4, it's much more scenic.

Alternatively it takes about an hour and a half on the train from Paddington. For information on train times try National Rail Enquiries or Traveline Southwest.

Also see our links page for more information on Bath sites.

orange clef How do I get a pitch in Bath?

This link provides information about how to get a pitch. Please also refer to The Bath Buskers Guide.

orange clef Is amplification allowed?

Yes it is currently, although constantly under debate by the local council. Using an amplifier should be done so responsibly. If it is too loud a busker is likely to be faced with a New Noise Abatement Order under new laws passed in October 2014. See The Bath Buskers guide for how to keep it down.

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